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Get More Life Out of Your Business

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Get More Life Out of Your Business front coverWe are thrilled to announce that one of our guest bloggers, Greg Weatherdon, has a book out!

We showed you an excerpt from the book in our last blog post, One Sight, One Sound! Go read it if you haven’t yet, it’s a great piece. Now you can get all his fantastic experience and advice in one great package. A perfect gift for a friend, or even yourself.

Greg Weatherdon believes that you shouldn’t be the hardest working person in your …

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Stephanie is a recent graduate from McMaster University. She is the Social Media and Communication Coordinator for oogled. oogled can be reached at besuccessful@oogled.ca or see us at oogled.ca. See Stephanie’s BIO here


One Sight, One Sound!

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Concept of brand The most important element of a company image is that it’s consistent in everything you do — from the company logo on your employees’ shirts to your business cards to your website. Everything done on behalf of the business should fit into that one consistent image. It provides a professional, customer-facing appearance that is attractive to potential customers.

Naturally, the image should fit the industry. That same landscaping company probably should not send employees out in three-piece suits, …

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Motivational Speaker & Small Business Advisor


Supercharge Your Website

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website planningWebsites and their function continue to evolve. Especially in the last few years, websites have moved from the online “business card” and “online brochure” style to a much more dynamic and interactive experience, yet I see businesses constantly revert back to the basic business information style and hope for the best.

This can be driven by costs, time and a lack of understanding of the value of a website. It becomes that “thing you do” – …

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Robert is the President/CEO of The Social Business, a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario. The Social Business can be reached at besuccessful@thesocialbusiness.ca or see us at thesocialbusiness.ca. See Rob’s BIO here


CEO Thought Leadership – Part 1: What Are You Thinking?

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How Do You Fast-Track Your BHAG, Your Next Millions, Billions or Trillions?

Leadership with education

Stop, pause and ponder for a moment… Be aware of what you are thinking about. Thought is the ingredient for everything, including your ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’” or BHAG, to use the acronym made famous by Jim Collins. As to the BHAG, it is a MUST for any company if it is to move fast forward and grow! If you don’t have a BHAG, it is time …

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Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo is the Founder and CEO of Leader One Inc; he is “The Trusted Confidant for CEOs and Their Senior Teams” offering Leadership Innovation, Executive Coaching, Speaking services.