Support Your Internet Marketing – Part I

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Many businesses now have a Facebook page, Twitter account and maybe a LinkedIn and Google+ account for marketing their business on the Internet.

I am often asked what else the Social Media Manager needs to help support their Internet Marketing. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at a few “support”  programs and websites that help you do your job.

Lets start by taking a look at YouTube. YouTube is one of the top destinations on the Internet with more than 1 billion unique visits a month (Yep, that’s a “b”). If you are anything like me, we have all spent an afternoon wandering through the amazing footage (and not so amazing…) that ends up an YouTube – from the kitty playing the piano to full featured films.

The important question to your business is: Can YouTube also support and promote your business?

Let’s look at some ways that a business YouTube account can help:

    1. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and then linked to your website, Facebook, Twitter etc. Use your videos in multiple ways without having to reload them in multiple places. Upload it once and then link the video into emails, website, Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets etc.
    2. Saves bandwidth on your website. The days of trying to host videos directly on your website is over. So are those nasty calls from the hosting company or finding your website is down because you went over your bandwidth.
    3. Videos are optimized for viewing . No lag etc. YouTube is designed from the ground-up to host videos and it does it well with no time lags or stuttering (unless you have an issue with you computer or ISP).
    4. Improves SEO positions on the Search Engines. Let’s face it, Google loves YouTube (they own it) and YouTube videos weigh heavily for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Putting some well-thought out and properly done videos can improve your rankings.
    5. Allows centralized management of videos as opposed to spreading videos across many sites. I often work with businesses that have videos and pictures spread across the Internet. Some to the point where they are not sure where all the videos are. Make life simple. Organize all the videos in one place to you can track them, update them and use them to your advantage.

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Robert Fraser

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