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Many Hands Make Light Work

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a team working together They say many hands make light work. As the owner of a small business, the responsibility of generating new business or ideas always seems to fall on our shoulders either because we feel it’s our job or simply a matter of default because we started the company and of course no one is as good as we are.

Unfortunately that kind of thinking puts us at great disadvantage. How different would your business be if there were other individuals helping to identify new prospects? How …

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CEO Thought Leadership – Part 1: What Are You Thinking?

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How Do You Fast-Track Your BHAG, Your Next Millions, Billions or Trillions?

Leadership with education

Stop, pause and ponder for a moment… Be aware of what you are thinking about. Thought is the ingredient for everything, including your ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’” or BHAG, to use the acronym made famous by Jim Collins. As to the BHAG, it is a MUST for any company if it is to move fast forward and grow! If you don’t have a BHAG, it is time …

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