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Get More Life Out of Your Business front coverWe are thrilled to announce that one of our guest bloggers, Greg Weatherdon, has a book out!

We showed you an excerpt from the book in our last blog post, One Sight, One Sound! Go read it if you haven’t yet, it’s a great piece. Now you can get all his fantastic experience and advice in one great package. A perfect gift for a friend, or even yourself.

Greg Weatherdon believes that you shouldn’t be the hardest working person in your company.

Many small business owners find that even after the struggling start-up years, they’re working too many hours and still managing every aspect of their businesses. Greg Weatherdon has been there, done that. As an entrepreneur, he learned not only how to get a business to the point of running smoothly, but also how to reduce the number of hours he worked, delegate more responsibility to his employees, and take longer vacations while his business chugged along like a well-oiled machine. And now he is providing the secret to success.

Do you know an entrepreneur suffering from any of the following?

1. Business ownership isn’t living up to the dream.
2. Endless workdays.
3. Can’t find good people.
4. Profits are less than expected.
5. Can never take a vacation.

If so, they’re not alone and there is a solution. As Greg demonstrates, with some time and effort, you really can Get More Life Out Of Your Business.

Are you interested in buying a copy? Check out these places below:

Canadian Customers –

US and International –

UK Customers –

German Customers

For multiple copies for gift giving, email for preferred pricing and shipping rates

For more information about Greg Weatherdon, you can visit his blog profile here.

Congratulations Greg!

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