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Twitter is a social media program that allows users to post short posts (no more than 140 characters) on any topic they want. Your posts – or “tweets” as they’re called – can then be seen by anyone who “follows” you, while you can read tweets posted by anyone who you follow. The reason Twitter is such a powerful marketing tool is because your message can quickly be sent out to a large audience: your followers will see it instantly and could then pass it on to their followers and so on. As well, unless you’ve opted for specific privacy settings, anyone on Twitter who searches for the topic you’ve written about can find your tweet. It’s a fast and easy way to reach a lot of people.

However, some businesses mistakenly use Twitter solely for promoting themselves. Yes, it’s okay to announce a new sale or new feature on Twitter, but don’t make every tweet about such promotions. Instead, post links to articles you’ve read about topics that interest you or relate to your business and respond to tweets other people have made about your business or your area of expertise. The key is to use it as a conversation, communicating back and forth with other people in your area of interest.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of people on Twitter, with a lot of information flying around. To avoid seeming “spammy,” limit your tweets to only a few per day. If you’re posting non-stop every hour, your followers are quickly going to get annoyed and stop following you.

Lastly, if you’re not a Twitter user yet, just spend some time playing around with it and reading other people’s tweets before jumping in. It’ll give you an idea of how others are using it and how people will best respond to what you have to say.


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