How to Find Time for Social Media

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clock face and calendar Everyone is always talking about needing to be on social media, but with everything that comes with running your own business, there doesn’t seem to be time. Like most things, when something is a priority, you make time for it. Whether it’s finding five minutes here or there, or scheduling out time to work on it. If you are really invested in social media, it needs to be the same. Here are some ways to find time for social media:

1. Plan ahead!

Carve out an hour or two in your schedule so you can plan out potential tweets and posts for the week. Look at events that are coming up  to promote or new changes taking place in your industry, and plan out posts to let your followers know. Once you put the time in to create these posts, all the hard work is done. When it’s time to post them, you don’t even have scramble to find something to say, it’s already been done, and you can get back to doing everything else.

2. Set up a collection of resources to use for posts

This can include news outlets and major websites about your industry. Link to the websites to keep people up-to-date on industry information and to help keep your social media accounts active. Check back to the different sources every couple of days to see what is new and what would be relevant to send out to your followers.

3. Use a social media management program

The price range for these programs varies, but they can help you schedule posts for a wide variety of social media accounts. With features like scheduling posts, RSS feed management, and analytics, you will be ready to tackle anything.

4. Ask for help

Ask if there is anyone on your team that would be interested in posting to social media accounts. Having someone who is interested and willing to help with your social media accounts can make a huge difference. They can bring new insights for making the most out of your social media accounts.

5. Create a list of ideas for future use

When you come up with ideas for social media, write them down! This will help you out when you are stuck for ideas. Just check your list for inspiration and start creating.

If you have social media accounts for your business, it’s important to schedule time to keep them updated. An abandon Twitter or Facebook page won’t contribute to the success of your business.

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