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Real Estate may be all about “Location, Location, Location”, but in Social Media it’s all about “Content, Content, Content”.

Social Media is all about connecting with your audience and engaging them. This allows them to be part of the conversation. For a successful Social Media campaign, you need to encourage your follower participation by offering engaging content.

So how do we come up with great, interesting content for our Social Media sites?

Here’s some tips:

  1. It’s no longer enough to simply publish features and benefits information on products and services. Customers want more. They are looking to feel involved and listened to. Start by asking questions and encouraging feedback. Be patient and don’t make people feel like you are putting them “on-the-spot”.
  2. Don’t just re-hash your website or send out a constant stream of Press Releases and Sales Flyer’s
  3. Be compelling, interesting and different. Talk about your industry, trends and inside knowledge. This is a great opportunity to “train” your clients on your products or help them to understand the value of your service. Link to great industry articles or “re-tweet” great Twitter information that may benefit your followers (make sure to give credit to the original authors)
  4. Make your customers & followers want to engage you. Be gentle, have fun and enjoy their participation. Make sure you respond to everyone that takes time out to post on your wall or send a Tweet. Nothing will lose followers faster than feeling like their comments don’t matter.
  5. Give out knowledge and tips, give the information freely and not tied to buying a product or service. This is not a good opportunity to show them how much smarter you are.

Giving your followers great content will encourage them to participate and find out more about your business, your products/services. They will begin to look to your as a source of valuable information. Now that is what Social Media is about!

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Robert Fraser

Robert is the President/CEO of The Social Business, a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario. The Social Business can be reached at or see us at See Rob’s BIO here