What Will Digital Marketing Be Like In 10 Years?

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Everything changes at a fast pace. There is always something new to learn or new designs of favourite things. Most people think change happens because of technology, but change comes about through creative people that want to explore new ways of achieving a goal. Or sometimes change happens because of consumer demand.

Marketing is no exception to that rule. Even within the last 5 years, there has been so much change in the way people advertise their business and connect with consumers. So what is in store for the next 10 years?

Direct Access to Products

There will be less and less of a need for you to go to a middleman to purchase items, because over time more companies will choose e-commerce and sell their merchandise directly to you. That will change the way websites are structured to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. The way social media will be integrated with purchasing will change too – and it already has! Twitter is now rolling out a feature where you can buy items directly on Twitter. The way we buy will be a big change within the next 1o years.

Relationship with Customers

This has already started happening as companies use social media, but the relationship between company and the consumer will continue to be important. It will become less and less about how companies should be on social media, and how it will almost be mandatory. No matter how big or small your company is. It won’t just be about selling and advertising your product. It will be about creating a strong relationship with your customers. Keeping an eye and ear out to know more about how customers are feeling and what they want more of. The strength is in the buyers hands and your business will want to be on their side.

Richer Content

Blanket marketing techniques are no longer the best way to target customers, but in 10 years, businesses will have to be precise in who they are marketing to. Having content geared towards certain categories of people will no longer be a luxury; it will become a necessity. People will want content that will be geared towards their needs, and their stage in the buying process. If it doesn’t apply to them then they won’t be interested in reading it. Richer content will also be about videos, posts, pictures, and infographics. A wide variety of content will be the backbone of digital marketing in 10 years.

Content Integration

With richer content, there will be a big push towards content integration among all digital content. This means that the content you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube will need to complement each other, as well as the content on your website. Just having existing accounts won’t be good enough anymore, it will be about creating content that gets people interested in your business and what you can offer them. Making plans and understanding your goals will be an important process in creating successful content integration among your online presence.

Consumer Data

As a business, it will become easier and easier to create content for specific groups of people because of the easy access to consumer data. You will have access to in-depth data about what attracts people you are targeting and how to change your efforts to reach your goals. Digital marketing has long stopped being a guess, and it’s becoming more and more of a science.

Change can be scary, but looking ahead and wondering what is to come can help you navigate the future when it gets here. Starting your efforts now will save you a lot of trouble down the road when practices evolve to meet the customer’s needs.

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Robert Fraser

Robert is the President/CEO of The Social Business, a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario. The Social Business can be reached at besuccessful@thesocialbusiness.ca or see us at thesocialbusiness.ca. See Rob’s BIO here