Which social media platform do you need?

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Facebook. One of the most popular sites in the world, Facebook allows you to keep in touch with friends and clients, share information, post links and comment on other people’s activities.

Twitter. On Twitter, users post information in short bursts – 140 characters, to be exact. It is open to the public, so anything you post can be seen by anyone. It’s most commonly used for sharing links to news articles, websites, videos, photos, etc.

YouTube. YouTube allows you to upload your own videos and other users can view and comment on these videos.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is primarily a business networking site. Users post resumes and work-related links and participate in discussions related to their area of work or expertise.

Google+. This new guy on the block merges Facebook and Twitter. You can follow others without them following you back (much like Twitter), but you can also limit access to who sees which posts (similar to Facebook).

Foursquare. Foursquare allows users to “check in” to locations using their mobile phones. Different levels can be achieved based on frequency and location of check-ins and some business have started to offer incentives such as coupons for people who check in to their business locations.

Flickr/Picasa. These are photo-sharing sites that allow you to upload personal photographs and share them with friends or the world.

StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon allows its users to recommend web pages, photos and videos to other users. It also creates recommendations for you, based on your own personal tastes and viewing history.

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