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Getting Creative with YouTube

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YouTube can be a great asset for your company. It has the potential to bring new customers to your business and show your expertise. It’s a great way to share information to an audience, as you can link your videos on Twitter, your website and Facebook.

So, maybe after some thinking you’ve decided to set up a YouTube account for your business. You might have even had someone create a design for your background. And now it looks nice and empty? Yeah. Here comes the hard part, actually posting content. It sounds easy, but it can be …

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Stephanie is a recent graduate from McMaster University. She is the Social Media and Communication Coordinator for oogled. oogled can be reached at besuccessful@oogled.ca or see us at oogled.ca. See Stephanie’s BIO here


Support Your Internet Marketing – Part I

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Many businesses now have a Facebook page, Twitter account and maybe a LinkedIn and Google+ account for marketing their business on the Internet.

I am often asked what else the Social Media Manager needs to help support their Internet Marketing. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at a few “support”  programs and websites that help you do your job.

Lets start by taking a look at YouTube. YouTube is one of the top destinations on the Internet with more than 1 billion unique visits a month (Yep, that’s a “b”). If you are anything like me, we have all spent an afternoon …

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Robert is the President/CEO of The Social Business, a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario. The Social Business can be reached at besuccessful@thesocialbusiness.ca or see us at thesocialbusiness.ca. See Rob’s BIO here